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  • Advise clients on the most suitable bank based on their needs and requirements 

While previously a straightforward process, nowadays banks and financial institutions impose a lengthy and detailed application procedure for accounts opening. This is in response to new Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism regulations. Requirements to open a bank account vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and from bank to bank. Just like any other business, each financial institution has its own strengths and weaknesses so it is important to fully understand the necessities and requirements of the clients before selecting a bank. The advice of a professional is strongly recommended. 

  • Advise and assist clients with bank’s due diligence and know your client process 

Nowadays financial institutions have to follow a very strict customer due diligence and Know Your Customer process.  

The assistance of an experienced advisor can save a lot of time and resources. 

  • Advise, check and prepare the paperwork to open the bank account

A remarkable amount of paperwork and supporting documents is needed nowadays to open a bank account. 

The workload can be really heavy in the case of entities with a complex ownership structure chart. 

The help of a well prepared consultant can be really beneficial in saving time and ensure the documentation is comprehensive and complete. 

  • Arrange a meeting with specified bank’s representative

Thanks to our valuable network of banking connections, we can schedule face to face meetings for our clients with specified bank's representatives. 

  • Bank introducer

In some jurisdictions it is still possible to open bank accounts remotely without having to attend a physical meeting.  

We can act as bank introducer for some financial institutions and this allows our clients to open bank accounts in a quicker and less expensive way.

  • Bank signatories

In order to facilitate the management of the bank account and the processing of the remittances, we can act as bank signatories for our client. 

The management of the bank account can be considered a core income generating activity and it might have tax implications so a tax experted should be consulted before planning the procedure.   

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